Rooms & Facility


There are no televisions or clocks in Tsutamuraya’s rooms.
When you lie on your futon and close your eyes, all you will hear is the sound of a mountain stream in the distance.
If only for a moment, forget the ‘now’ and rest yourself fully.


Please note, a specific room type cannot be chosen.
Please make your own bed with the futons that are in the Room.
Free Wifi is available throughout the building.
  • Room overlooking the scenic streetscape.
  • Spacious rooms on the first floor
  • Hideaway rooms.


  • Toothbrush, Towel, Yukata (traditional robe)


Smoking is not permitted within the building.
  • Fireplace/Hearth
    We offer coffee, tea, and sweets free for your enjoyment.
  • Dining Room
    Meals will be served in the first floor dining room.
  • Bathroom
    The bath is made of Japanese cypress. Shampoo and body wash are available.
  • Toilet
    Our toilets are equipped with bidet functions, and are kept very clean.
  • Washroom
    Items such as a paper cups, hairdryers, hand soap and tissues are provided for your use.
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