Rooms & Facility


There are no televisions or clocks in Tsutamuraya’s rooms.
When you lie on your futon and close your eyes, all you will hear is the sound of a mountain stream in the distance.
If only for a moment, forget the ‘now’ and rest yourself fully.


Please note, a specific room type cannot be chosen.
In the rooms without air conditioning, we supply fans in summer and heaters in winter.
We ask you to lay out your futon by yourself.
Free Wifi is available throughout the building.
  • Room overlooking the scenic streetscape.
  • Spacious rooms on the first floor
  • Hideaway rooms.


  • Toothbrush, Towel, Yukata (traditional robe)


Smoking is not permitted within the building.
  • Fireplace/Hearth
    We offer coffee, tea, and sweets free for your enjoyment.
  • Dining Room
    Meals will be served in the first floor dining room.
  • Bathroom
    The bath is made of Japanese cypress. Shampoo and body wash are available.
  • Toilet
    Our toilets are equipped with bidet functions, and are kept very clean.
  • Washroom
    Items such as a paper cups, hairdryers, hand soap and tissues are provided for your use.
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