TIME TRAVELThe story of a certain Journey


On your way along the Nakasendo Hiking trail, stop by Otsumago

The Nakasendo Hiking trail connected Kyoto to Edo (the old name for Tokyo) during the Edo period. From Tsumago to Magome, a nature-rich trail runs through the mountains. There are many sights remaining along the Old Nakasendo, including the Odaki-Medaki waterfalls, where the samurai Musashi Miyamoto is said to have trained, and the Ichikokutochi guard house. Also along this deeply historical route is Otsumago.


The post-town time left behind: Otsumago.

While its surroundings are becoming increasingly touristic, Otsumago has preserved the image of a townscape from long ago, unchanged due to its remote location. It is designated an important group of traditional buildings within Japan, and its preservation is devised through the cooperation of the local community. The scenery along the trail follows a mountain stream, vestiges of the old rural lifestyle and allows you to savour the marvellous feeling of having slipped back in time. Tsutamuraya is situated in this stunning town of Otsumago.


A sunken hearth that fills the side entrance.

The entrance to Tsutamuraya is a door which an adult may have to bend down a little while passing through. Crouching down and entering the building, a traditional dirt floor and sunken hearth fill the room. Looking at the beams which have become blackened by soot from the hearth, you can feel the length of time that has passed for this building. First of all, please extend your legs in front of the fire and relax in comfort.


Home-grown Ingredients using traditional methods, perfectly recreating the Japanese rural cuisine.

The meals at Tsutamuraya consist of home-grown vegetables, rice, fish and our home-made sake. You will think “I can eat with peace of mind,” having gone back to ancient and natural methods of production, and feel the experience of your host who has carefully nurtured the ingredients. Please enjoy the rural cuisine, which does not use excessive things, but only simple seasonings and preparation methods.
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let the fatigue of your journey slip away in the Japanese atmosphere of a cypress-wood bath

Tsutamuraya’s bath, washroom and toilet are renovated, clean and easy to use. Women also can have peace of mind and use our facilities with confidence. By incorporating raw wood abundantly into the interior design, we have avoided detracting from the Japanese atmosphere. Please warm your body in the cypress bathtub, and unwind after the exhaustion from your journey.


In a room without a television or clock Let’s forget ‘now’ for a short while

There is no television or clock in Tsutamuraya’s rooms. No sound will disturb the atmosphere. When you enter the Futon and close your eyes only the sound of a mountain stream in the distance can be heard. If only for a moment, please forget ‘now’ and rest your body while at ease.


With lots of historic scenery surrounding our guest-house even if you depart, you will continue time travelling.

In the vicinity or Tsutamuraya, there are many historic points of interest such as Tsumago, which preserves the ambiance of the Edo Period, and the ‘Waki Honjin Okuya’ which was designated as Important Cultural Property to Japan. Please enjoy hiking the Nakasendo trail, viewing the surrounding points of interest and continuing to time travel after leaving our guest-house.
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